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The world’s first CDMA wrist phone

Inspired by wrist-worn communicators seen in sci-fi flicks, Samsung announced the SPH-WP10 in March 1999 as being the world's first CDMA watch phone as well as the smallest and lightest wireless terminal available to     The first watch…

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September watchfaceup contest

Time August has gone, the new contest in September is Big thanks to all the watchface creators to bring us all these nice We try to give more prize to all the watchface creators, so we add…

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NO.1 products user manual

This is where you can download the user manual for your D7 user MTK 2502z series user (G5, G6, G8 user F1 user F2 user F3 user F4 user

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Watchfaceup contest in August

Attention Please! August watchfaceup contest has come to an end! We tried to bring you something new and useful, we add 2 new Hope you like the new So you have picked up the winners, we have 4…

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Ten of the best VXP smartwatch faces will draw your attention.

As the watchfaceup is more and more popular with MT 2502 smartwatch More and more developers joined in this great I really adore their creative and their kindness, to create these nice watchface, doing requests for I…

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How to take off the F3 back cover?

How to turn on the F3? Usually you can hold the mode and start button to turn it Although this method works for all this kind of products, occasionally, when you receive your F3, you can't turn it on…

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NO.1 Affiliate program

A good news to our fans, we are going to build a Affiliate program, if you are interested in our products, and want to share with your friends, in this situation,you could use our affiliate program-- Share and get some…

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NO.1 G6 new firmware

So this is the G6 new watchface You can download it There are five watchfaces in the new firmware, one old watchface with four new beautiful How to use these new watchface? Please download the firmware…

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Watchfaceup contest in August

As the watchfaceup becomes more and more popular, there are more and more users, watchface developers join in this big In order to get more people to win this game, we discussed again and again, finally an idea came…

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Watchfaceup contest in July

Congratulations! This month we have 180 submissions, 155 new beautiful vxp watchface and 25 awesome Android watchface! The most download watchface is created by Kyrnath, TAG Heuer Black Phantom (includes night mode), it has 896 You can download it…