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NO.1 products user manual

This is where you can download the user manual for your D7 user MTK 2502z series user (G5, G6, G8 user F1 user F2 user F3 user F4 user

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How to update the F4 firmware manually

Recently releases the F4, the multi-sport mode It is a pity that the companion app Fundo Pro can only support English and Chinese, so does the We received some feedback about this, it is important to include…

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Razer Nabu smartband vs NO.1 F4

  If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must read something about this awesome For me as a zombie fan and a sports lover, when I first watched the awesome advertising video of Razer Nabu smartband, I was shocked by…

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The first multi-sport mode bracelet — NO.1 F4

F4 is the first bracelet which supports multi sport This bracelet is built for So what you need for sports, it all First, if you want to go out for running, hiking, cycling, the first thing…

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Watchfaceup contest in August

As the watchfaceup becomes more and more popular, there are more and more users, watchface developers join in this big In order to get more people to win this game, we discussed again and again, finally an idea came…

NO.1 smart watch another wave of activities struck!

Recently, company release smartwatch as soon as About previous smart watch, naturally is not And in case of the company the first product for the year is smartwatch S9 coming with a new sporty design and should…

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NO.1 Russia after-sales service

After-sales service is an embarrassing presence of Smart Wear One is because we can not establish a global after-sales maintenance The second is our cooperation in the individual online store to achieve after-sales cooperation is not In…

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F2 data is not automatically updated?Solved!

Recently, we received many comments about the temperature, height, Air-pressure, these features will not update automatically in This was the Fundo Bracelet issue, we've solved it in the new You just need to update it and it will update

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Do you want to see discounts for NO.1 Smart Watch Band?

The new year has come! Maybe you have some New Year You may want to be different from Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a different These little…