Clash of Clans on NO.1 D6

December 26th, 2016

What could a smartwatch do? Notifications, calls, fitness track, etc. How about games on a smartwatch?

Today I would show you how to play my favorite game COC on D6. You may think I’m crazy to play games on such a tiny screen.

But after my introduction you may think different.

Although I usually play this game on my phone, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to take phone out of pocket to play with it. So, one day I have a thought, is it possible to play COC on a watch? Once I have this thought I could not stop trying. So I installed this game on D6.

Enter the game. I would check my guard shield first. Any time, my first thought is to protect my resources. I just want to make a perfect defense. I would type army names in the request and send it. If my village was attacked, I can also reset all traps and defensive building in this tiny screen.


Then I would click all the collector to gain all my daily collection. (especially recently the Christmas activity, I speed up my collector) I would also check the workers if a worker breaks, I can make it work once I find it. I can make full use of the workers’ time. Just found there is a new Christmas tree in my village. haha I also check the Research Laboratory. How long should I wait for the next upgrade, so I could prepare enough elixir for the upgrade.


Troops training is also convenient. If I have no time for the war after work, I would prepare my troops in work time. So I don’t need to wait for the troops training. I can watch the war video to understand the situation and learn some troops strategy.

You can even  make an attack! But I think it is hard to operate, so I usually use it to reduce my scores. Or use archers to attack the collectors.

Thanks for reading. I would like to share anything interesting with you all.

If you have any special usages, you could also share with us.







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