NO.1 Smartwatch Strap

Long term giveaways, free straps.

Our Strap size: 22 mm width, 23cm length.  universal straps you can also use it for other watches.

How to get free straps: Share this page to  social network(facebook, google+, twitter, forum, etc), then leave the link in the comment, also tell us which one you like, then you’ll get the free straps. (only the first 50 entrances).

Every 15th we’ll send the straps to you. The contest will not close until it reach the quality 50 straps.

Also you can direct buy from our online shop, with coupon code: STRAPDIS01 , only $0.66/unit. how to use this coupon code, check here:

More spare part, visit NO.1 Spare page

How to replace the straps, check this video.

We will announced the customers who get prize in spare part page, 15th every month, max 20pc free Smartwatch Strap offer this month, please keep an eye out on NO.1 blog. 

The winners of the July,15

  1. gigiabm, gig***
  2. Tiong Jung, ben***
  3. Dmitry Bir, ad***
  4. mizraim cardenas, azr***
  5. Nika, Kak***
  6. Wilco van Dongen, wil***
  7. Deny saputra, adh***
  8. Robert, czi***

The winners of the Aug, 15

  1. Filipe Sousa,  03***
  2. Boris,  bo***
  3. Dalsaso,  cel***
  4. Feroz Bhinde,  pri***
  5. Arunabh Mittal,  aru***
  6. Mazé Castro,  mc***
  7. Molnár Péter,  pet***
  8. Diego Correia da Silva,  die***
  9. Jedidiah Ikoba,  mrj***
  10. Alex,  gh***
  11. Darte Nit,  da***
  12. Manuela,  MI***
  13. Graziella,  AZ***
  14. Miguel,  mig***

More about NO.1 New Smartwatch, visit Official webpage:

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NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch
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NO.1 D5+ android smartwatch


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