How to create a Digital VXP face for MTK2502/MTK2503 watch?

May 10th, 2017


Hi all, as the popular with the MTK2502 watch users, more and more people come to this site to download some beautiful watchfaces, also many people would like to create some for their watches.

The tutorial about how to create an analog VXP face is very detailed, you can read my previous post or watch Afif’s video tutorial. But how to create a Digital VXP face? Although it is similar to the analog one, there are something difference between them.

Here I want to make a simple tutorial.

First, what do you need to create a digital watchface? Usually you’ll need 14 images. Numbers 0~9, AM/PM, Clock_bg and the preview image. Also the configtbl.bin file and Watch_res.lst file.



This is a simple digital watchface, I just use Photoshop to create these images I need. About the Digital_res.lst file, as you know it is the same as the analog watchface, it is the path to these images. And how to create a correct Configtbl.bin for your watchface? First, you must know what does the address 0x0-0xF and their values mean. The address you need in digital watchface is 0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6 0x7 0xA (0xB 0xC you don’t need to edit these two value).


0x2 0x3 is the coordinate of hour,0x4 0x5 is the coordinate of minute and the 0x6 0x7 is the coordinate of AM/PM. The left is the X point and the right is the Y point. 0xA is the option for analog or digital, in digital watchface, it must be 01. And the 0xB 0xC is the same as the analog watchface, their values are 60 80.

How to get the correct coordinate of your watchface?(usually the Hour, Minute, AM/PM)

You can use the online tool on

Now you’ve all these files, you can create your digital watchface.

The rest of steps are the same as the analog watchface. So I’ll make it simply.

Open the MRESDKwizard and create a new project. Copy and paste your file to the default folder, check the resource and the option button, after correct all these, click the Hammer icon, create your watchface.

After compile it successfully, use the HXD program to edit the default.vxp file, and edit the watch_html file, correct the app names. After that copy them and the preview image to your phone’s appmanager folder. Open the Smartdevice to install the new watchface in your watch.

Here is my Digital watchface project:

And the watchface :

Hope it helps. If you’ve any questions, I’m willing to help you solve it.

As you see, the MTK2503 watchface will support notifications widget. So how to create such a watchface, it is still a question. Hope the developers could help us. That would be really nice to have this feature.

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