How to create a vxp watch face for tethering watch?

December 16th, 2016

How to create Animated VXP watchface

Since you have mastered the skill to create an analog watchface and the digital watchface, the next step the advanced skill is to create Animated watchface.

To make an animated watchface, first you must know how does an animated watchface work?

So how does the animation work in the watch. If you read ZCJ’s tutorial, you may know we could use several pictures as the clock background and it will display as an animation. The watch will display the clock background one by one. That’s how the animation works.

How to create an animated watchface, it is the same as the analog and digital one.  What you need to do is to edit the watch_res.lst file, add the path to your new background pictures. And edit the configbtl.bin file. Where is the place to put the clock background on the configbtl.bin file? It is the 0xE, it is the amount of your clock background. But be aware, there is something weird, you should plus one to the amount of your clock background, if you have five clock background, then the 0xE value is 06. You should also edit the 0xF, this is the speed of the animation. The value 01 is the fastest speed of an animation.

So, how animation is used in watchface? You can learn from others, like the blinking colon in the digital watchface, the rotating gear in analog watchface, the flashing lights, etc. There are many other interesting animated watchface, like the Mickey mouse, the Mario run.

Here I made a simple animated watchface.

animatedFirst, I need to convert the gif to several pictures and create several clock background.

Also the numbers and the am/pm.

Second, to create a watchface, I need to create a configbtl.bin file.


The 02 03 is the coordinate of hour, the 04 05 is the coordinate of minute and the 06 07 is the coordinate of am/pm.

And the 0xE is the amount of clock background, I’ve 4 background, but I need to plus one to it, so it is 05 and the last one 0xF is the speed of animation. I don’t want it to display too fast, so I give it 08.

About the coordinates, how to get the coordinates, you can go here. Upload your preview image(240×240) and get it by clicking the left top of the number.


Third, I should also edit the watch_res.lst file, add the path of the new clock_bg.


Now you’ve all the files, you can follow the tutorial on the first page to create your watchface.


This is how I create my watchface FusionD. Hope it helps, if you have any questions, I’m willing to help you.

You can download the watchface here.

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  • Anonymous

    Nov th, 2017 4:57 PM Reply

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip to help create a vxp watch face.

  • Anon

    Nov th, 2017 2:54 AM Reply

    I own an A28 Oukitel which has the MTK2502A chip. I have successfully followed your digital watch tutorial and it worked fine thanks 🙂 however the analog one seems to be a little problematic. No matter what I try, the hands dont show. I have tried minimizing the bg image to around 2kb and also made some simple hands but still the same. Do you have any idea about this?
    Thanks alot

    • Jon

      Nov th, 2017 3:20 PM Reply

      Hello Anon, first, if there is any analog watchface that works well on your watch? Second, did you try to change the hands? Download some watchfaces from , if other watchfaces work well, it is the problem of your project, how to distinguish the bugged one from the five images? You can create four transparent images with one hands.(your project) Then compile it to a watchface, step by step, you’ll find which one is going wrong.

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