How to update the F4 firmware manually

August 28th, 2017


Recently NO.1 releases the F4, the multi-sport mode bracelet.

It is a pity that the companion app Fundo Pro can only support English and Chinese, so does the bracelet. We received some feedback about this, it is important to include other languages in the app. So we’re now doing the translations. But not the bracelet, you know, there are only several words in bracelet, you can even guess the function via the icons. So we are going to release a new firmware for F4, to delete the words under the icons.icon

So if you receive a F4 with the words under the icons, if you mind the English display, you can follow this tutorial to update your F4 to a pure version.

  1. Download the Nrf Master Control APP and the firmware here. Or here, the 0.1.8 version.
  2. Extract the file, install the Nrf Master control app in your phone, don’t unzip the F4_20170826 firmware.
  3. Find the correct Mac address, connect it.
  4. After the connection is successful, click the Unknown service.
  5. Click the unknown characteristic
  6. Input the value 42, click send.
  7. Click the ‘X’ button, then refresh the app to find the DfuTarg, connect it.

  9. Click this button then go to this window to choose the firmware.
  10.  Screenshot_20170828-172723_1 Screenshot_20170828-172723_副本 Screenshot_20170828-172734 Screenshot_20170828-172752_副本
  11. Waiting for the update process


Done. If you failed to update, the bracelet will  reset after 3 seconds it will boot.


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  • Juan

    Nov th, 2017 9:06 PM Reply

    hello dear

    Please could you upload the latest version of firmware? I think is v2.2

    Many thanks

    • Jon

      Nov th, 2017 10:26 AM Reply

      Yes, but everyone said that 0.1.8 version is the best one. :p So you would like to use the latest one? Actually you just need to use the Fundo Pro to update it.

  • renan

    Oct th, 2017 3:43 AM Reply

    good afternoon,
    I bought a smartband x2 after I gave the error in the update and I used this rom in it, I was able to install the rom but everything was zapped. The screen of the smatband is 96×96 and these were one of the reasons to get bad with this rom (firmware), how could I make a firmware for me? because I can not use my watch.

    • Jon

      Oct th, 2017 11:52 AM Reply

      Hi renan, sorry I don’t know where you can get the firmware for your watch, maybe the seller can help you.

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