How to upgrade F2 firmware manually?

July 14th, 2017


Hi all, we  received some feedback about the firmware upgrade issue in F2.

Recently we just figure out how to upgrade the firmware manually.

First, you need to download the 分动手环test app.


Second, download the latest firmware here.

Third, connect your phone to computer, transfer the firmware to your phone, the folder FundoAppManager–>FundoCache, then rename the firmware to HANMAC_WATCH_K_PRO.img. (Don’t change the file extension)

Fourth, go to your phone, settings –> app manager –> app permission management, scroll down find the 分动手环test, click, then enable the storage permission. Tick up the two options.


Fifth, go to the 分动手环test, connect F2 to 分动手环test, after connected successfully, click the 文件发送, the first option, to upgrade your watch.

Done, you just upgrade your F2 firmware.

If the temp will not update automatically, there is a method, go to Fundo bracelet, swipe down then the app will update. If you get a wrong temp, clear the data of Fundo bracelet, then you’ll get a correct temp.

The latest Fundo bracelet version is You can download it here.

How to update the weather? Scroll down to update.


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