NO.1 F5, how to manually update the firmware?

January 15th, 2018


As you know, how to update the F5 firmware, simply you can go to the HPlus –>Mine –>Firmware version, click it you can update to the latest version. You can download the latest HPlus here.

Actually there is also another way, you can update it manually.

First, download the app/firmware here or Latest firmware 1.6.3 version. (The firmware is encoded as an application)

There is a new firmware 1.66 version.

Second, install and open the app(dfu).

Third, click the select device to pair your

Fourth, find the correct Bluetooth address and connect it. (if your watch is bricked, the device name is started as D_)


Fifth, after connect to watch, click the upload to update the firmware to the watch.微信图片_20180115122535

Waiting for the update process to 100%, if firmware updated successfully, the watch will vibrate and a message ‘the firmware uploaded to the device successfully’ will pop up in the app.微信图片_20180115122548This version is the latest one, there is a important update in the GPS sports training section.

Just install and find it by yourself, personally I think this update is very useful.

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