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Go for a run with NO.1 F5 and the Weloop Hey 3S

Recently, we made a running test with the GPS bracelet F5 and Weloop Hey How to use the GPS while running? The operation is the same for most of GPS First, go to sports Second, choose…

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How to get the $5 coupon on KKtick official store.

How to get the $5 coupon? Go to kktick official Choose a F5 Click get the Or PUT @kktickOffi00001 into AliExpress APP search bar get the    

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December watchfaceup contest

Merry Christmas! Awesome! We are almost on vacation Santa is picking the list, the Nice list and the Naughty list, I know I'm on which :p Hope all the Nice kids can receive a OK, we'll go…

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November watchfaceup contest

Hello December, the November watchfaceup contest has come to an This month totally we have 162  106 uploads on VXP category and 56 uploads on Android :) Thanks for sharing all these beautiful watchfaces with So…

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NO.1 F4 important updates

The new firmware is just We have made some important updates in this Long press the key button to enter the menu; Double click to exit the swimming mode Improve the dynamic heart rate monitoring Data report of…

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November watchfaceup contest

Everyone is enjoying the Great! As the owner and user of this site, we are very happy, because competition encourages developers to create more beautiful :) Thanks for all these beautiful As you know, we have two categories,…

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October watchfaceup contest

Hi all, Happy Halloween! :) Yesterday I tried to create a Halloween watchface for you, haha, I'm not good at photoshop, also I don't have much time to do Sorry for the rough OK, I'm here to announce the…

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How to replace the battery in F3 and what need to be concerned

Recently  we received some complaints about the terrible battery consumption after they replaced the battery for It is not the hardware issue but wrong installation, when you put the back cover back to the Here I made a…

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The first GPS bracelet — NO.1 F5, anything new about it

Recently smartwatch releases a new model, the bracelet series As a fitness band, F5 is built for It has built-in GPS sensor, independently, you can use the GPS without your takes advantages of…

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Watchfaceup contest in October

Sorry for the delay, we just finished our Congratulations! Our VXP face category has reached 1,000 watchface! It is good to see many new watchface creators join in this group to share their beautiful watchface with Also I saw many…