No.1 DT58 review: It still packed with lots of features

Verdict: We will have another fitness tracker There are a lot of basic tracker out in the is cheap, but is it good enough? Display and Screen With DT58 smartwatch, is offering a larger

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NO.1 F4 Colorful vs Mi band 3

Recently Xiaomi the well known smartband manufacturer releases a new bracelet – mi band Also Smartwatch upgraded the Black/White OLED Screen F4 to a color screen version, it is called F4 It is very interesting that both…

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NO.1 F13 statement

    This statement is only for all customers who purchased F13 beforeJuly 1, 2018!   Due to recent feedback from customers, the F13 smart watch purchased before this date has a small batch leakage has…

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The first GPS bracelet — NO.1 F5, anything new about it

Recently smartwatch releases a new model, the bracelet series As a fitness band, F5 is built for It has built-in GPS sensor, independently, you can use the GPS without your takes advantages of…

NO.1 smart watch another wave of activities struck!

Recently, company release smartwatch as soon as About previous smart watch, naturally is not And in case of the company the first product for the year is smartwatch S9 coming with a new sporty design and should…

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F2 data is not automatically updated?Solved!

Recently, we received many comments about the temperature, height, Air-pressure, these features will not update automatically in This was the Fundo Bracelet issue, we've solved it in the new You just need to update it and it will update

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NO.1 F1 Smartband VS Samsung Gear Fit 2, which one is your like?

With the continuous development of intelligent hardware technology, the international smart wear equipment have also poured into the Intelligent device of mind, but also to more convenient services to human They help people to establish and cultivate healthy…

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NO.1 F1 Smartband Compare Fitbit Charge 2, Which is worth the user to upgrade?

recently issued a low-key F1 Relative to Miband 2, the battery life and waterproof level are relatively Well,  a display screen of the F1 Smartband with the internationally renowned Fitbit Charge 2 in appearance and function…

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Christmas Gifts – Think over No.1 smartwatches

Christmas of 2016 is Are you ready for the Christmas gifts? With smart hardware (smart watches, smartbands, VR, unmanned aerial vehicles) and other popular 3C digital products, send friends and family a gift with a sense of technology is…