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The Most Worth Buying Smartbands of 2016

Wearable market is still a boom in In many devices, due to the smartband has the features of low price, fashionable appearance and variety of functions, it become many users first Now let’s discuss the most worth buying…


New Smart Watch System Will be Born, are You Looking Forward to It?

Sailfish OS is Jolla Company's Linux based mobile operating In 2013, the world's first mobile phone equipped with Sailfish OS officially listed shipments, mainly using third-party OEM manufacturers and OEM Jolla way sales But this kind of mobile…

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No.1 Smartband F1 Presale Priced at $26.99 on Tinydeal

Fitness tracker as wearable device, they’re reliable, simple to use, provide health data, to help people change their unhealthy life 1 smart watch company keep up with the trend of The Times, released their first smartband, named

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No.1 D5 Android 4.4 Smart Watch has a Low Price on Tinydeal

D5 has launched some At the same time, D5 smart watches are popular by many Of course, we also received some opinions and suggestions from When users tell us their opinions and suggestions, we always…

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Cicret Bracelet Can be Turns the Wrist into a Touch Screen

Smart watch is not a new things, smart bracelet is also very But, is there a new type wearable device that which can take into account both with smart watches' functionality and small size? Now a Cicret Bracelet…