The preview of No.1’s next product S10

December 14th, 2018

Update:There is now a newer smart watch from No.1 called S10. But it doesn’t support app Hplus like F18. Smart watch need more features.At least,the new arrival of S10 is slowly making its progress.


S10 will be avaiable for $43.63

S10 ups the ante with more bands options,business look from stainless steel band,sporty look for silicon band. Instead of slimmer design,No.1 has opted for a rugged ,sporty finish on the watch. S10 with chunky plastic body with sizable bezel surround the watch.While it uses a standard 20mm strap size,you can find more band options online.While it may be big,at 53g S10(silicon band,110g for stainless band),S10 is surprisingly light.You can get 3 buttons on the right side of the watch. With the one at the 2 o’clock position for start,the second,at 3 o’clock for menu,the third, at 4 o’clock ,you an go back.1.3 inch TFT touch screen,the resolution, at 240*240, it’s same pixel density as previous watch of No.1. The display is bright enough and quite responsive.

Specs and Interface

One big feature of S10 update was blood pressure.You can now test your blood pressure on your wrist.Multi-dial supports 4 watch faces modes.The new workout app of S10 is wearhealth.It is more connective,compared to Hplus. S10 is using NRF52832QFAA chip, the screen is hard enough for your daily use. The watch is pre-installed with improved notifications(phone calls and SNS messages), 8  sports modes, sleep monitor, calorie,silent alarm clock,auto-wake up and stop watch.You can explore more features in it.For those looking for a more casual work out,S10 can monitor your steps,heart rate and set a daily goal to give you some motivation to get up and move.It will also vibrate on your wrist if it detects that you’ve been sitting too long,offering up a stretch on screen to get your muscles and blood pumping.

Battery Life

The 350mah battery ensures your daily use for 8-14 days.

The charger is magnetic.  S10 is aimed at fitness crowd who love daily work out and want to sty connect when they are faraway from their cellphones.

You can check it now on official website:

Feel free to leave a comment,If you have any questions.

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  • Roman

    Jan th, 2019 3:01 AM Reply

    Hello, I ordered S10 and I’m looking forward to them 😉 …. I have some questions … when will the firmware in the Czech language? and are other facets available? I will use the watch with the iPhone. Thank you very much Roman Travnicek

    • admin

      Jan th, 2019 11:42 AM Reply

      about watchfaceup,we are trying to slove this problem.And you need to bind the device with your phone, the watch will be same language as your phone

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