Warning: Do not accept OTA update on Android watch– New OTA has solved this issue.

December 19th, 2016

Recently, we received many complaints about OTA update. This OTA probably would disable the Google Play or delete IMEI numbers.

We contact our engineer as soon as we received feedback of issue. Please be patient, we are working on this issue. So, if you haven’t accepted the OTA update,please DO NOT ACCEPT it.

If you have updated it. Here is a method to solve this issue.(provide by a D5+ users,Thanks) You should install the Google Play Services on your watch.


How to install apps without Google Play?You could download Google Play Services on your phone, then transfer the .apk file to your watch, open it to install.

This is direct link to download .apk file, thanks for the provider.


If this solution could not work for you. Here is another solution.

Make a factory reset and download settings search apk via pc and install it to your watch. Add google account through add account in setting search. Then you can log  in google playstore without a hitch.

This is provide by a xda member,big thanks to him.

And how to write IMEI number, you could read my previous post here.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will provide a new OTA update to solve this issue as soon as possible.Thanks.

Good news! New OTA has been released on D5+,D6. We have solved this issue in the new OTA update. If you still can’t solve it,please accept the new OTA update.

It solves the Google Play issue, once you enter the Play store, a ‘Google Play services has been stopped’ message would show up.

You just need click OK or make a factory reset, then you can use it normally.

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  • Smith

    Dec st, 2016 11:57 AM Reply

    Hello, we found that this solution could not work for everyone. A member from xda found another solution.Here is how he solved this issue.’So what i did was a factory reset then downloaded settings search app via pc and installed to watch. Then added google account through add account in setting search. It then logged on to google playstore without a hitch. Idid this woithout doing anything but connect to wifi after reset’ Thanks to Adrian.Hope it helps you.

    • Jon

      Dec st, 2016 3:37 PM Reply

      Big thanks to you both,Smith and Adrian. I’ll add this solution to this article.
      We really appreciate you guys are willing to help others. Thanks.

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