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Watchfaceup Contest in July

Congratulations to the France national football team for winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia championship. Thanks to JNascimento who created all these FIFA watch faces to us. Last month we have over 180 watch faces uploaded, the vmv105 uploading more than 35 dials has the most uploads. Master Mendes uploaded 30 watch faces, JNascimento uploaded 28 Android watch faces, thank you for your hard working. And thanks for all these beautiful watch faces. I have summed up all the watch faces which meet the contest requirement. Here are the top downloaded watch faces in July. Please move your finger to vote for your favorite watch face. Top downloaded Android watch faces [poll id=”11″] Top downloaded VXP watch faces [poll id=”12″] The poll will last a week, please do not use any method to cheat us.

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NO.1 F4 Colorful vs Mi band 3

Recently Xiaomi the well known smartband manufacturer releases a new bracelet – mi band 3. Also NO.1 Smartwatch upgraded the Black/White OLED Screen F4 to a color screen version, it is called F4 colorful. It is very interesting that both of their platform is Nordic NRF51822. So let’s have a look what is the difference between them. First, the hardware difference. F4 colorful uses a color LCD screen, while mi band 3 uses a black/white OLED screen. So what’s the different between these two kind of screens. Of course, OLED screens will consume less power, when you light up the screen, only the digits light up, while color screen, the whole screen will light up so that it will consume more power, but the screen will be brighter. I took a picture in direct sunlight. Here it is. As you see, the black/white screen does not work well in direct sunlight, while the color screen is more visible. 0.96 inches vs 0.78 inches, F4 has a larger screen, bigger screen, more content. For reading time or incoming notifications, F4 performs much better than mi band 3. Both of them have a key button for operation. Battery life, F4 battery capacity is 130 mAh, while mi band 3 battery capacity is 110 mAh. Both of them can be used for 20 days. But mi band 3 is more portable. And the straps, both of them support detectable straps, easy to change. As a smartband, both of them support 5ATM waterproof, this

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NO.1 F13 statement

    This statement is only for all customers who purchased NO.1 F13 beforeJuly 1, 2018!   Due to recent feedback from customers, the NO.1 F13 smart watch purchased before this date has a small batch leakage problem. NO.1 has immediately found the problem and dealt with the problematic watch. All the customers please check the watch and correct them before using them. The tutorial is as follows: Method 1 Step 1: Use a universal meter to check if the F13 is leaking. Adjust the data of the universal meter to the same as the photo below. Then test it. If there is no current data, please feel free to use it. If there is current data, proceed to” Step 2”.   Method 2 Step 2: Please remove the back cover and check the size of the buzzer. If the size is small, the watch is fine. If the size is large, that is problem smart watch, proceed to “Solution Method” as below. View the video tutorial as follows:   Remove the back cover Video: Solution Method Way 1: Please stick the contact point of the buzzer with adhesive tape. PS: Press the adhesive tape so that the buzzer contact point does not touch the back cover. The waterproof ring should be installed well so that the watch is waterproof. Check the video: Way 2:  Please cut the buzzer directly. PS: The waterproof ring should be installed so that the watch is waterproof. Check the video: Please

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It needs ahead up with strict policies to fix these issues.

So as to write a persuasive argument, you’ll need a solid thesis statement, sources to strengthen your argument, including a counter argument. Oahu is the discussion, and how you select to provide and backup your own debate, that might influence your choice about how you can structure your essay. Locate the sources that may best support your argument.

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Watchfaceup contest in June

The FIFA World Cup, this great event is now in full swing. Which one is your favorite team? Which team will become the champion? You can join in the discussion and win a watch here. This month we have totally 180 uploads, thank you for sharing these beautiful watch faces with us. I have summarized all the dials that meet the requirements. Top downloaded Android watchfaces in July, make your vote to help the creator win the prize. [poll id=”9″] Top downloaded VXP watchfaces in July, make your vote to help the creator win the prize. [poll id=”10″] This poll will last a week, please don’t use any method to deceive us. We’ll select the ribbon winners randomly. Please wait for our updates.

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Top 5 Sports Watches with Music Playback

Music is an important part of people’s way of life, music makes running easier. Usually I’ll wear an arm package to carry my phone and of course, a bluetooth headset to go for a run, although the arm package works well, the phone affects my hand swinging. In addition, you know that the less clothes you wear, the better, the package will generate heat. It is time to have a change, there are some new released sports watches that are coming equipped with on-board storage, so you can leave your phone behind. Today I will introduce you to 5 sports watches that support music playback. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + MusicTrain with over 500 songs and your heart rate on your wrist! It can storage over 500 songs. As a sports watch, it supports multiple Sports Modes, GPS Tracking, Route Exploration(trajectory), Built-in Music Player, of course. You can check the trajectory in the watch, you can find your way back to the start and explore new routes. Multi sport, indoor training, 24/7 activity tracking, a very functional, useful smart watch for daily life or sports. Amazfit StratosAmazfit Stratos, a premium multisport GPS smartwatch, VO2max fitness level analysis, heart rate sensor, and transflective always-on color touch display. The always-on display with the classic round design makes it a high-end business style. This one is a daily watch more than a sports one. 5 meters waterproof it is good enough for daily use. Polar M600Polar a professional sports watch manufacturer. Polar M600 is an Android Wear smartwatch designed to suit an active lifestyle

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NO.1 F13 makes life more colorful

NO.1 F13 the first sports watch with TFT color display. As a sports watch, this watch supports multi sport (including swimming), smart notifications, activity tracker, pedometer, calorie burnt, etc. The watch is highly sealed, the waterproof up to 50 meters, rugged design, scratch proof, dust proof, anti-pressure, drop proof. You don’t need to worry about the frames that are damaged when dropped. Dust proof, the buttons, the screen is highly sealed, no need to worry about the dust will go into the watch. About the display, it uses a radian mirror, TFT colorful display. No doubt that, colorful display is much better than then LCD black-white display, more comfortable user experience, with the Green/Grey/Red these three vivid colors, makes this watch a best choice for sports, makes our life more colorful. Multi-sport this is a must have feature for a sports watch. F13 supports Badminton/Basketball/Mountaineering/Cycling/ Running/Swimming/Table tennis, the watch will calculate the calorie burnt, according to your choice of exercise and exercise time. Besides, with the 350 mAh big battery capacity, this watch can use 25 days, sports should not be limited by the battery life. And for each sport the watch can storage 8 sports records, you don’t need to carry your phone while exercising. It also supports fitness track, pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, etc. For daily use, this watch is also a good choice. NO.1 Smartwatch is now promoting this watch, there are 10 pcs free products and 30 pcs half-price F13 in this contest.

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Watchfaceup Contest in June

‘The stench, the stench, of summer sex’ a lyric from Fall out boy’s Uma thurman. Summer is always accompanied by sweat, workouts, sports. Just as the coming great event, FIFA World Cup, summer is a good time for exercise. In order to celebrate this great event, we prepare some free gifts for the watchfaceup users, yes, all the users will have the chance to get the gift. And also we prepare two watches for the top creators. Here’s the details. The creators whose watchface have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F4 Colorful as the prize. The creators whose watchface have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F13 as the prize. FIFA category, we’ll choose 50 lucky guys randomly in the subscribed emails, we’ll give you a ribbon for your country or favorite team. In order to have more winners, we also prepare some coupons for you, anyone who need it, please feel free to contact me.(only the first 5 friends) The coupons will be available on DT NO.I Official Store. BTW, purchase NO.1 F series products will also get a free ribbon. To have more winners, more diversity of people getting prizes, the winner of a month CAN’T be winner the following month  

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How to use the compass in NO.1 F7?

NO.1 F7 the GPS sports watch, it has built-in GPS sensor, thermometer, altimeter. As a promotional outdoors watch, this watch also have a built-in Geomagnetic sensor, it is used for the compass. But I found that many people do not know how to use the compass. Here I want to make a short tutorial about how to use the compass. First, go to the compass function; Second, calibration, how to calibrate the compass, use your right hand to hold the watch, and then draw the shape of the number 8. After several times, until it works. Third, now the compass will guide you in the right direction.

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Watchfaceup contest in May

Happy Children’s Day! It the ONU’s Children’s Day. This is a good time for family unity, wish you and your family have a good health. This month we have over 150 uploads. Thanks, thanks for all these beautiful watchfaces. I have summed up all the watch faces which meet the requirement. Here they are. Top downloaded Android watchfaces in May, vote for your favorite. [poll id=”7″] Top downloaded VXP watchfaces in May, vote for your favorite. [poll id=”8″] The poll will last a week, and about the watchface for FIFA category, we’ll announce the winner together. 🙂 And we’ll provide 5 coupons code for all the watchfaceup users, not only the creators, but anyone who need it. Only the first 5 could use it. The coupon code is JONMAY30, it is a 30% OFF coupon, it will be available at DTNO.I Official Store. The coupon will be expired on 6.30. 🙂 I’ll post the contest rules soon, please stay tuned.

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