Best Wearables of CES 2018

CES — The Global Stage for Innovation. — CES 2018

CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, which provides the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and propel consumer technology forward.

Wearable industry, what’s new on this show? I gathered some news on the internet.

  1. Suunto 3 FitnessSuunto 3 Fitness

    This one is not like other Suunto watches, it doesn’t come with a GPS sensor. But as a fitness watch, there is a special useful feature. Adaptive Training Guidance, set you up with a series of sessions it prompts you to complete for a workout. If you miss a session it’ll automatically be rearranged for a later date, so you won’t miss out or have to rearrange your diary yourself.

  2. Garmin Forerunner 645 MusicGarmin Forerunner 645

    Running, listening, a Garmin watch with music support. With enough storage for 500 songs, you don’t need to carry your phone. You can sync music stored on your PC, which is browsable when you sync a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can have multiple playlists and folders of music, and you can switch between them on the watch.

  3. Casio G-Shock RangemanG-Shock

    Casio’s latest smartwatch supports solar charging. Casio says the device can be recharged with four hours of sunlight, which will then allow for an hour of GPS. So you can go hiking, camping, without worrying the batter life. Besides, as the G-Shock series, it supports mud and cold temperatures resistant, as well as a barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer.

  4. Garmin Vivofit 4

    Garmin Vivofit4

    They said Vivofit 4 is still an impressive fitness tracker, although it doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker. This bracelet is just a simple basic activty tracker, it can track steps and has a feature called Move IQ that will automatically kick in when you’re doing different sports including running, biking, swimming and using elliptical equipment. For the one year battery life, color display and the low price(compare to other Garmin watch), this is a good choice, an impressive fitness tracker.

  5. Kate Spade and Skagen Android Wear watchesAndroid wear

    These two are the only Android wear I found. Obviously these are for ladies, skinnier, lighter and shinier than most of watches. It is said that these two are new hybrid styles. No info about the version of Android wear OS, functions, but for their appearance, you won’t be disappointed on them.

2018, there will be a lot of new technology outbreak. NO.1 smartwatch, we will also continue to move forward, about the 4G Android smartwatch, the MTK 2503 watch, the GPS sports watch F7 etc. We’ll keep up with Garmin, Suunto, Casio, their pace to develop some better products.


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  1. Been wearing f4 smartband around a week. I am very satisfy with your product. Nothing issue i found in the meantime. Hope you always success in making affordable and functional wearable devices. will always choose your product in the future and will promote dtno1’s products to all my friends.

    1. Thanks Syazwan, glad that you like it. We’ll keep on hard working to bring you better and better products, to provide you better service.

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