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NO.1 F5/F7, how to manually update the firmware?

As you know, how to update the F5/F7 firmware, simply you can go to the HPlus –>Mine –>Firmware version, click it you can update to the latest version. You can download the latest HPlus here. Actually there is also another way, you can update it manually. This method also works for NO.1 F7. First, download the app/firmware here or this one 1.6.3 version. (The firmware is encoded as an application) There is a new firmware 1.66 version. Here is the latest firmware 1.66.15.  (And this one is the latest NO.1 F7 firmware.) Second, install and open the app(dfu). Third, click the select device to pair your watch. Fourth, find the correct Bluetooth address and connect it. (if your watch is bricked, the device name is started as D_) Fifth, after connect to watch, click the upload to update the firmware to the watch. Waiting for the update process to 100%, if firmware updated successfully, the watch will vibrate and a message ‘the firmware uploaded to the device successfully’ will pop up in the app.This version is the latest one, there is a important update in the GPS sports training section. Just install and find it by yourself, personally I think this update is very useful.

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How to use the GPS in smartwatch F5 to start running

As you know, F5 has independent built-in GPS sensor,  you don’t need to connect to your phone to use the GPS to start running. But how? How to activate the GPS before your training? Important Update! We have fixed the Chinese characters in Google Map and the wrong positioning problem, please download the latest App version here. The latest version is 3.1.6. First, go to Sports section. Press the enter button.(the top one) And then you’ll go to the multi-sport interface.  Second, press the switch button.(Sport) You’ll go to the running section.(White means selected) Third, click the enter button to enter the running.  Fourth, click the enter button to start. The flashing icon means F5 is trying to get a positioning. You need to go to open air to get a positioning. Usually it will take 1 min ~ 6 mins to locate, the first time use will take longer and please make sure the GPS side upwards, you’d better stop in place, that’ll help the F5 to get a positioning.         When it located, F5 will vibrate and the icon will not blink anymore.  Now you can start your training. Go for a run! Fifth, click the enter button to stop the running.  And then you’ll get these options. Sixth, click the enter button again to save or delete the data. OK, now you can go to the HPlus, after synchronization, you can check the trajectory. 🙂

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How to replace the battery in F3 and what need to be concerned

Recently  we received some complaints about the terrible battery consumption after they replaced the battery for F3. It is not the hardware issue but wrong installation, when you put the back cover back to the watch. Here I made a video battery installation and what needs to pay attention to. Here is the video. As you see, the notch must be toward to the right corner, that will make sure the two spring/battery pin not in the same board. That will cause the watch to short-circuit, and the battery will drain very fast.

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How to update the F4/F6 firmware manually

Recently NO.1 releases the F4, the multi-sport mode bracelet. It is a pity that the companion app Fundo Pro can only support English and Chinese, so does the bracelet. We received some feedback about this, it is important to include other languages in the app. So we’re now doing the translations. But not the bracelet, you know, there are only several words in bracelet, you can even guess the function via the icons. So we are going to release a new firmware for F4, to delete the words under the icons. *This method also works for NO.1 F6, you can download the F6 firmware here* Latest F6 firmware.This firmware improves the pedometer algorithm. So if you receive a F4 with the words under the icons, if you mind the English display, you can follow this tutorial to update your F4 to a pure version. Download the Nrf Master Control APP and the firmware here. Or the version 2.3, the latest version 2.6.(this version fixed the pedometer issue.) Extract the file, install the Nrf Master control app in your phone, don’t unzip the F4_20170826 firmware. Find the correct Mac address, connect it. After the connection is successful, click the Unknown service. Click the unknown characteristic Input the value 42, click send. Click the ‘X’ button, then refresh the app to find the DfuTarg, connect it.   Click this button then go to this window to choose the firmware.   Waiting for the update process Done. If you failed to update, the bracelet will  reset after

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How to take off the F3 back cover?

How to turn on the F3? Usually you can hold the mode and start button to turn it on. Although this method works for all this kind of products, occasionally, when you receive your F3, you can’t turn it on with this method, don’t worry. there is a way to solve it. This is not the hardware issue, but the bad contact of power button. This video will show you how to deal with it. OK, generally you just need to take off the back cover, then take the chip out, hold the mode and start button until the screen lights up. Then you can put it back, be careful, the four buttons should be fit well with the frame.

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How to upgrade F2 firmware manually?

Hi all, we  received some feedback about the firmware upgrade issue in F2. Recently we just figure out how to upgrade the firmware manually. First, you need to download the 分动手环test app. Second, download the latest firmware here. Third, connect your phone to computer, transfer the firmware to your phone, the folder FundoAppManager–>FundoCache, then rename the firmware to HANMAC_WATCH_K_PRO.img. (Don’t change the file extension) Fourth, go to your phone, settings –> app manager –> app permission management, scroll down find the 分动手环test, click, then enable the storage permission. Tick up the two options.   Fifth, go to the 分动手环test, connect F2 to 分动手环test, after connected successfully, click the 文件发送, the first option, to upgrade your watch. Done, you just upgrade your F2 firmware. If the temp will not update automatically, there is a method, go to Fundo bracelet, swipe down then the app will update. If you get a wrong temp, clear the data of Fundo bracelet, then you’ll get a correct temp. The latest Fundo bracelet version is You can download it here. How to update the weather? Scroll down to update.

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How do I use the NO.1 online store coupon code?

Recently, many people asked me how to use the NO.1 coupon to make a purchase in Aliexpress. I already make a short tutorial in NO.1 Google+ community. But I’m afraid that someone may not understand, so I make this tutorial with some pictures to help you understand. 1, Choose your favorite color, then click the “BUY NOW” button. 2, Review and confirm your order Leave your coupon code in leave a message for this seller bar. 3, Click the Confirm & Pay button 4, After your order is submit, the seller will see your order and your coupon code 5, Then he will reduce the price for you 6, You can see the price of your order is changed in the background 7, Make a payment Note: if the price of your order isn’t changed, please feel free to contact the seller. Hope this helps.

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How to create a Digital VXP face for MTK2502/MTK2503 watch?

Hi all, as the popular with the MTK2502 watch users, more and more people come to this site to download some beautiful watchfaces, also many people would like to create some for their watches. The tutorial about how to create an analog VXP face is very detailed, you can read my previous post or watch Afif’s video tutorial. But how to create a Digital VXP face? Although it is similar to the analog one, there are something difference between them. Here I want to make a simple tutorial. First, what do you need to create a digital watchface? Usually you’ll need 14 images. Numbers 0~9, AM/PM, Clock_bg and the preview image. Also the configtbl.bin file and Watch_res.lst file.   This is a simple digital watchface, I just use Photoshop to create these images I need. About the Digital_res.lst file, as you know it is the same as the analog watchface, it is the path to these images. And how to create a correct Configtbl.bin for your watchface? First, you must know what does the address 0x0-0xF and their values mean. The address you need in digital watchface is 0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6 0x7 0xA (0xB 0xC you don’t need to edit these two value). 0x2 0x3 is the coordinate of hour,0x4 0x5 is the coordinate of minute and the 0x6 0x7 is the coordinate of AM/PM. The left is the X point and the right is the Y point. 0xA is the option for analog or digital, in digital watchface,

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How to install drivers manually?

As you know if you don’t install the drivers correctly, your watch will not be detected by the computer, let alone flash the firmware. I just read something about how to install the drivers manually. Download the android_cdc_driver. SP_tool is best compatible with Android_cdc_driver, if you want to use the SP_tool correctly then you should download it and install in on your computer. Download the Android_vcom_driver. If the Android_cdc_driver doesn’t work for you. You can try Android_vcom_driver, this driver also supports all Mediatek devices. How to install the android_cdc_driver manually? First, extract the file on your desktop. Second, go to Device Manager, click the Administrator/user name, click the Action button, select the second option Add legacy hardware. Then a ‘Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard’ window shows up, click next . Third, in the ‘The wizard can help you install other hardware’ window select the second option install the hardware that I manually select fr om a list(Advanced) then in the select the type of hardware window, you don’t need to select anything, just click next. Fourth, Select the device driver, click have disk. Then browse your computer, go to desktop, select the .inf file you just extracted.(You need to figure out your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, before you choose the .inf file) Click OK , then click next. Sixth, while installing the drivers, a windows security warning may show up, just install this driver software anyway. Click Finish. Check the Ports, if you install this driver successfully, you can see it in the Ports section. You

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F2 data is not automatically updated?Solved!

Recently, we received many comments about the temperature, height, Air-pressure, these features will not update automatically in F2. This was the Fundo Bracelet issue, we’ve solved it in the new version. You just need to update it and it will update automatically. But some of you still complain that the parameters remain the same, without any change. Here I want to make a statement why it will not be updated. You need to know how the Fundo Bracelet works? First, you need to pair up your phone with F2; Second, enable mobile data, GPS on your phone. Fundo Bracelet will access the yahoo weather and get all information you need. And then F2 will read the information and display it on the screen. The app will update automatically every two hours. Of course, you need to update the Fundo Bracelet first. Check it out now, everyone forgot to enable the GPS on their phones. Enable it and you’ll get the update automatically. Updated! I just heard that a xda member found that Wifi will affected the connectivity between F2 and your phones. You need to turn off your wifi before you pair up your devices, but you can activate it after you pair them up. New app and new firmware is available. Please check it on Google Play, after update to the latest version, there will be a new firmware available. June 1 update. You can download the Fundo Bracelet here. If you can’t download it from Google Play, you can download an apk here.

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