NO.1 G3+ Official Firmware

Version A : Chinese (default), Traditional Chinese, English


Version B : English (default), French, Spanish, Portuguese, BZ Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese


Version C : English (default), Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Myanmar


Version D : English (default), Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Dutch, Romanian


Version E : English, Japanese, Korean

NO.1 G3+ page :

Tutorial :

Drivers :

Tool :



Watch Face:


NO.1 Official online store :

18 thoughts on “NO.1 G3+ Official Firmware”


    I have a G3 generation earlier and try to install the new one. firmware of this page
    I think i do not accept it outside, I’m wrong or someone succeeded

    1. Different hardware, you can’t install the G3+ firmware on your G3, that will brick your watch.

  2. hi jon i want to down grade firmware for my G3+. where i can download version S2_NO.1_B_V1_161219

      1. Thanks for your reply, one more thing after I update the latest firmware. I found the health index application missing. Will there be a new update for the future?

  3. Hi, i just accidently update my old gw01 watch with G3+ firmware. And as you said above, it bricked my watch.

    Is there a way that u can share the link to original gw01 firmware for me? (The firmware release date is 2016-12-16)

    Please help

  4. Hello,

    I got a No.1 G3 smartwatch from a friend, which has a problem. When I switch on the power, it boots up and shows a welcome on the screen. After that it tries to connect with some HTC smartphone and then shows a black screen from there on. When connecting to a computer, it displays me to select between COM-Port and USB mass storage mode. These are the only messages, I get on the screen. In all other situations, its display is just black, showing no clockface or anything. So i also can’t access any menu to reset it to factory settings. My idea now was to flash it with the latest firmware, hoping that by this process also all settings will be reset to default. I found the MTK2502 Flash tool, but could nowhere find the ROM/Firmware-file for the No.1. G3 smartwatch (not the G3+ !) anymore. Does anyone have an idea, what i could do to either reset the watch or where to get the firmware for the G3 watch? I think that the firmware of the G3+ will not be compatible.


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