NO.1 G6 new firmware

So this is the G6 new watchface firmware. You can download it here.

There are five watchfaces in the new firmware, one old watchface with four new beautiful watchfaces.

How to use these new watchface? Please download the firmware and make a firmware update manually. You can follow this tutorial to update your watchface.

Warning! Your watch must have enough battery life for firmware update, 50 % is OK.

Sorry this firmware only works with G6 second generation heart rate version.

Any question about how to make a firmware update, feel free to ask. If you want a quicker reply, you can come here, I’ll try my best to help you.

29 thoughts on “NO.1 G6 new firmware”

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    Hi Jon, how are you…
    I already do step by step for install new firmware update to my g6 …
    But nothing happens …
    I’am sure my g6 is 2nd edition heart rate.
    Can you advise me, I using windows7 proffesional

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      Thank you john,
      New firmware update successfully install in my g6 watch.
      The problem before, driver not installed properly.

      Thank you

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    Thanks for the Fw, is a D version available?
    i am interested in Greek language support for the notifications.

    Thank you

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    hello I wanted to point out that with the new firmware the anti-leak function does not work anymore

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      hello sarafan, thanks for your feedback, but anti-leak function? G6 doesn’t have this function.

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        sorry I meant the anti-lost function.
        in the previous firmware the anti-lost function worked

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          Thanks for the feedback. Did you use the Fundo wear and connect G6 to your phone correctly? The anti-lost function, when the connection is interrupted, it will beep, anyway I’ll see if it works and our engineer will check it.

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    I’ve first no.1 G6 but with this firmware hearth rate doesn’t work because it isn’t compatible. Is there a way to have new features (bugfix + button works + pedometer always active on start) also on older one? Thanks

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    Alguém já apresentou um problema no G6 no qual aparece ” Erro no carregamento ” e se sim como devo proceder .

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    Ban Grigore

    Hi. I am interested in a new firmware update for no.1 g7 . I have problems with bluetooth conection with my wireless headsets. I already used the firmware update from your website but…is the same issue.

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      Hello desloch, check the heart rate pin, there are two or three pins there. And you can use this new firmware.

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    Hi Jon, will the G6 ever be able to support analog watchfaces with working date dials or dual type (analog and digital) watchfaces?

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      Hello Chez, nope, as I said before, we still don’t know how to create the watchfaces wiwth working date. Only the stock watchfaces which are coded in the firmware support this.

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