NO.1 S9 firmware

Version A  : English, Simplified Chinese (default)

Version B  : English (default), German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, SA_ Portugal, Russian, Turkish

Version C : English (default), Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Thai.

Version D: English (default), Czech, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Dutch, Romanian.

Version E: English (default), Korean.

Version F: English (default), Traditional Chinese

Version G: English (default), Arabic

Please use this new tool to flash new firmware :

New watchface firmware : Version B


And you can download the drivers here :

How to update your watch with the latest firmware? You can read my previous post.





Watch Face:


27 thoughts on “NO.1 S9 firmware”

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    Hello, can you help me? How to install ver C and D? I have an error:
    Item Failed
    Item[5] TS_ROM3: Unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO.


    1. Avatar

      Hi John, sorry, I’ve uploaded a wrong flash tool, please check this post, I’ve uploaded a new tool for firmware flashing. Thanks.

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    Hi Friends,,,,,,Just updated the firmware on No 1 S9 (Downloaded version B- from official site). But my version is still showing the same and even the release date as well. Is there any changes happens??? Can someone explain? Thank you.
    version showing – N03D_V1.0_05_N01_B_1702181321
    Release time -2017/02/18 13:21

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    Jon, I have a question. Is it possible to upload into official G6 firmware this watchface? That is really cool with this date place 🙂 (pls have a look what do i mean the .jpg file Can you do this?

    1. Avatar

      🙂 Hi John, I can do this watchface without the date. Because vxp face doesn’t support this. 🙁
      And about the firmware, nope, you can’t flash the S9 firmware in G6. If you need it please give me a reply.

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    Hi, is poosible to enable configuration to use google assistance, google now or other speech recognition system in this smartwatch?

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    Jorge Silva

    Good afternoon, I have tried all the windows systems to perform the update from S9 to the new version, but I can not because it always gives me a ROM 3 error and item(5)TS _Rom3: Unsupporte file_type in GFH_file_Info. can you help me please.
    Beste regards

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        Jorge Silva

        good afternoon
        I have already performed these steps but I always have the same error when I use flashtool and load the scatter to put the file. I have the same error as john can tell me how he managed to solve.
        Item[5] TS_ROM3: Unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO.
        best regards

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    Hi John,
    Please advise, I have no.1 S9 with new firmware version B. If I use mediatek smart device I can upload and change watch faces, but the time on the watch would be one hour more than on the phone (e.g. phone time 8 and watch will show 9). If I use fundo wear, the time is correct but this software does not see uploaded watch faces.
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Andrew,

      It is because of the Fundo smartdevice problem. The developer do not maintain this app any more. So I can’t do anything but advise you, if you have an backup phone you can install smartdevice in it. If not, when you want to install watchface, you can install the smartdevice to install some watchface in it.

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    Sandor Kopcso

    Hi Jon!
    Now I got a No1 S9 smartwatch (with a newest firmware). I would like to change watchface. I downloaded one (vxp) from and upload it my device. When I choose that I see my smartwatch doesn’t support date, battery, steps, heart rate. What is the problem? Doesn’t this smartwatch support it? Or will be a new firmware (like G series)? What can I do? Please help me! (sorry for my not good english)
    Thanks, Sandor

    1. Avatar

      Hello Sandor, the stock watchfaces are coded in the firmware, so that they support date, battery, steps, etc. But the vxp we created doesn’t support these features. 🙁 You can only use the simple time function.

      1. Avatar

        do you want to add the codes for dates, battery, step, etc … for the watchfaces in a next update?

        1. Avatar

          Hello Lorenzo, we have released a new watchface firmware which supports date, step, heart rate. But I’m sorry, custom watchfaces do not support these.

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    Sandor Kopcso

    Hi Jon!
    Have you an idea, why my No1 S9 smartwatch turn off randomly? (sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after half day) … (the battery is full) … I’m sad …
    Thanks, Sandor

    1. Avatar

      Hello Sandor, sorry, I’m not sure what is going wrong, but you can make a firmware update, it will help.

    1. Avatar

      Hello Molnár, I’m sorry. MTK2502 doesn’t support this kind of watchfaces, only the stock one, that one is coded in the firmware. We can’t do something like that.

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