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Apple Watch rival : NO.1 G3+ Smart watch

What are your needs for the current smart table? The appearance of the size of the thickness to be close to the traditional table, life is not too bad, there should be texture, round, App application should be more cool enough? These conditions we look to the two AW systems (Apple Watch and Android Wear). Seems to be temporarily unable to find a reasonable answer. However, very early on into the smart watch market NO.1. In the recently, NO.1 gave us an extremely attractive new products Smart watch No. G3 +. At the same time, this watch is an upgraded version of NO.1 G3. NO.1 G3 + front is a 1.3-inch, resolution 240 x 240 round IPS screen. The screen size compared to moto360 to be slightly smaller. But NO.1 G3 + screen maintained a pure circular shape. The hardware platform is MTK2502. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to notice that the top of the dial hidden a “bezel.” NO.1 called it “analog bezel.” It is the traditional watch on the rotating bezel is somewhat similar. However, the function of the two is very different. The traditional watch on the rotating bezel function only has a “look” role. Only allow users to time, adjust the time difference or decoration. But the biggest function of analog bezel is not decorative. A new way of interacting. NO.1 is also used in smart watches, the biggest innovation. Analog bezel feel quite good. Each rotation to a node will be accompanied by a

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How to create a vxp watch face for tethering watch?

Hello,as my previous post,there is a way to install watch face in MTK 2502 tethering watch like G5,G6,G7. Today I want to show you how to create a vxp watch face. First,you need install four program.1, MRE SDK; 2, ADS 1.2; 3, HxD Hex editor; 4,Visual Basics 2008. And you also need the Resource from zafri. 1. Extract the Resource on the desktop. 2. Open the MRESDKWizard.exe . You need type your Name and App name, make sure they are the same. Location on desktop for further use. MRE App version select MRE SDK 2.0. Click Finish. 3. Open the MRELauncher.exe . Open the vcproj project you just created on desktop. 1) Click the setting button, select the Resource, tick up the option. Click OK. 2) Click the options button, click the Advance button,delete the -g. Click OK. 4. Open Config/Default folder on your watch face project, open the Resource folder. Copy the configtbl.bin, WATCH_res.lst and the pic folder, paste to the Default folder. Then rename the WATCH_res.lst, just like what I did Face_res.lst. 5. Edit the _res.lst. Right click, use Notepad to open, then change the path of every file.Don’t forget to save file. 6. Back to MRELauncher.exe, click the hammer icon Make. Wait a moment until the Make Successful appears. 7. 1) Create a new folder on desktop. Back to the project folder, then go to arm folder.Copy and paste the Default.vxp to the new folder. Rename the Default.vxp to your watch face name. 2) Copy the preview.png on config/Default/pic, and paste

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Shocked! It turned out to be such a smart watch?

Seems like No.1 are really dedicate to flood the market with smart wearable products until the bubble of attention is still active. But the latest product aspires to be slightly different and No.1 G7 are designated as “multi-style smartwatch”. So what does it mean ? The main feature which is different from others of NO.1 G7 is the square design can be removed from the straps to use separately. Namely, you can not only wear it on your wrist, but also remove the strap to wear it on your neck or put it in your pocket. That’s the removable design concept leaked before. NO.1 G7 is also powerful in its hardware. It has 1.54inch 2.5D glass display,built in 380mAh battery, supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and GSM frequencies. It is made of 316L stainless steel and is available in silver or black colors.      Meanwhile, it supports SIM card inserted so that you can backup the data on your smartwatch from the phone. It can answer the phone and calling. It also support 8G TF card. Play HD video without question. The internal memory is 64 RAM and 128 ROM.   NO.1 G7 Smart watch able to monitor healthe, including the heart rate monitor, pedometer, Sedentary reminders and sleep monitoring. It can also help your life. According the weather information, it can take care of our daily necessities.   The most necessary function is message notification. Real name display of the phone calls, one key to hang up or answer the phone on the watch. Such as Mail, informaiton, Facebook, news and

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No.1 G7 Smartwatch Pre-sale at a Low Price on Banggood

Recently, No.1 released a new smartwatch, named G7. No.1 G7 has a square dial, with 1.54 inch touch screen, 240X240 Resolution. Its cpu is MTK2502 processor. No.1 G7 support SIM card, its internal memory is 64 RAM and 128 ROM, you can also insert a microSD card, the expansion capacity can be up to 128GB. So it’s not only a smartwatch but a small smartphone. No.1 G7 has a variety of wearing styles, you can wear it on your wrist, use it directly as backup phone or use the lanyard wear it, anyway, choose the most comfortable wearing style for yourself. The design of G7 combined sports and business styles, can be applicable to many occasions, show your charm and temperament. Here’s an article introduce No.1 G7: Now, No.1 G7 smartwatch pre-sale on Banggood, G7 with TPU strap only cost $32.99, Steel strap cost $34.99, but there’s about 20 units limited, after that, the price will be rise. So do not miss the opportunity! Buy from:     Official website: Google+: No.1 community on Google+: Facebook:

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The Latest creative Smart watch NO.1 G7 have variety wear style

Many of the available on the smart watch market are severely limited in their ability.  Almost all of them require constant connection to the smartphone to complete the work. No.1 has introduced a new model of the G7, which is not only able to work without a smartphone. But also completely replace it. NO.1 G7 Smart Watche are equipped with 1.54-inch touch screen, built-in microphone, speaker and a slot for SIM-card with the ability to make calls. In fact, it is a small smartphone that can be worn on the wrist and a pocket. Enclosure No.1 G7 is made of 316L stainless steel and is available in silver or black colors. The device is mounted in a special dock with a rubber strap or metal bracelet and can be withdrawn at any time. The user can answer an incoming call. At the same time, the smart watch No.1 G7 is equipped with a screen at 1.54 inches, resolution of 240×240 pixels and glass 2.5 D Screen. The CPU is a MTK2502 processor. The internal memory is 64 RAM and 128 ROM. The smart watch NO.1 G7 can insert SIM card and support for microSD memory card expansion capacity of up to 128GB. The battery capacity is 380 mAh. It can standby 3 or 5 days. The most necessary function is message notification. Real name display of the phone calls, one key to hang up or answer the phone on the watch. Such as Mail, informaiton, Facebook, news and so on. There will all be pushed to the watch. They are able to monitor healthe, including the heart rate monitor, pedometer, Sedentary

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Activity preview about NO.1 G5 Smart watch

Nowadays, Smartwatches are getting much popular than smartphones as they are offering much more than people expected. And as usual, NO.1 as intelligent wear leader, will be innovative in a variety of watches. NO.1 G5 has appeared in our field of vision for some time. Do you still like it? No.1 G5 smartwatch supports both Android and iOS. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch allows you to control the camera of your device through remote camera option on the watch. About this NO.1 G5 Smart watch, we will soon have a wave of promotional activities on Aliexpress with our partner online shop. The affordable price is $29.99. The activity time is from October 26 to October 27. Such a good price, do not miss! Buy from: ———————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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Which smart watch do you prefer?

  NO.1 presents new G-series smartwatch. The G series of NO.1 identifies smartwatches with proprietary operating system equipped with MTK2502 to help you manage voice calls thanks to the microphone and speaker. The sport appearance and affordable price make the NO.1 G5 access to the favorite of customers. NO.1 never slow down. Recently, the latest G-series of smart watches NO.1 G6 appears in our field of vision. What is the difference between them? Of course, the G-series Smart watch with MTK2502. They also have Bluetooth 4.0. And they also can connect with IOS and Android system. If you install the app ” Fundo” or ” MediaTek SmartDevice” on your smarthone. You can synchronization information freely. The biggest difference is probably in their craft. NO.1 G6 use Top rubber material as a watch strap. Watch case material is smoother and brighter.              If your smart watch can replace the strap, do you prefer? The good news in here. NO.1 G6 can change the strap what you like. NO.1 think steel strap more suitable for G6. NO.1 make new video ” NO.1 G6 Smart watch VS NO.1 G5 Smart watch” on YouTube. Everyone can learn more from here: Hope you will find your favorite one. —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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MTK Smartwatch update the proper way

Updated! Recently we received some feedback about the Fundo apps, we found that it is hard to pair up the devices via Bluetooth since the app can’t find the watch. Don’t worry, we have developed a new version, Fundo wear.20170616. You can download it here. How to pair up watch and phone successfully? First, you need to enable the Bluetooth on both of your devices, next find the watch and connect, then go to the apps, click the search icon to find the watch, then connect. Hello everyone. Although we have already made a course about update,there are still some users don’t know how.(maybe the Chinese on the screenshot;) which makes them confused ) Here I want to make a step by steps tutorial.(MTK  Smartwatches like G2,G3,G4,G5,G6 are available) 1)Download the firmware on our official website. 2)Extract the file and open the firmware update tool folder. 3)Find the Flash_tool exe on FlashTool folder and click twice 4)Click the Option and select the USB Download/Readback(Data card) 5)Select Format FAT(disabled) then a message shows up on your screen. Tick up the Format FAT and click OK button. 6)Click the  Scatter/Config File and find the new firmware folder, select the cfg file then click Download. 7)Shut down your watch and connect it to pc with a usb cable. 8)Then a message about installing new drivers shows up on your pc. If you have installed the drivers on your pc, just jump to step 12. 9) Follow the steps below 10)Browse on your extracted files find

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More show of NO.1 G6 in the outdoors

A new smart watch G6 has been announced by NO.1, and sales start this month. NO.1 the body of the NO.1 G6 from 316L steel with a “thickness” of only 9.9 mm, the bracelet is made of a special plastic. The beauty of a high-end fashionable design with your sports analysis through the No. 1 G6 Smartwatch.  The two-color molding strap bears an athletic style which is sweatproof and will complement your sporty lifestyle. With four amazing health features, this smartwatch is perfect to match with your active life. It has heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer much more. The NO.1 G6 Bluetooth smartwatch will work with both Android and iOS, which is awesome for those worried about getting the best of both worlds. More show of NO.1 G6 in the ourdoors in here:   Of course, NO.1 G6 is hot sale on our patner online shop now. The affordable price at $34.99. You can buy from: We also have Giveawayof NO.1 G6 on our Facebook. Limit the quantity 2pcs NO.1 D6. Don’t miss this chance.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Website: YouTube:  

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No.1 G6 Bluebooth 4.0 Smartwatch Pre-sale Only $19.99 on October 6th

No.1 G6 smart watch has a round screen design, Bluetooth 4.0, with 380mAh polymer lithium battery, has longer using time. NO.1 G6 has strong core, with MTK2502 CPU processor, it can be perfectly compatible with Android and IOS system. No.1 G6 has the functions of heart rate monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleeping monitor, they can help you change your bad habits to build a healthy body. It supports multi languages, includes English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish. There’re two colors you can choose, one is black, the other one is silver. Please pay attention! Price at $19.99 only October 6th on Geekbuying! On October 7th-October 17th, its price will be changed at $34.99. So there’s limited time and limited PCS, if you like No.1 G6, don’t miss the chance. Buy from:

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