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KKTICK Makes Its New Smartwatch First Post At CTiS

The first Consumer Technology and Innovation Show is currently in full swing at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The purpose of the launch of the new exhibition is to encourage innovation and breakthroughs in the consumer technology industry and products and strive to use the most cutting-edge vision and professional insights into future technological development trends. In the field of smart wear, the KK70 smartwatch brought by Xinkeying Digital is the most recognized by the audience. Let’s take a look at this most popular wearable device. Product from: Shenzhen Xinkeying Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Booth number: N3-3B2 The KKTICK KK70 smart watch can quickly obtain functions such as SMS viewing, weather notification, and remote photo taking through voice conversation. KK70 adopts a professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip, is equipped with G-sensor multi-sensor work, supports waterproof, and has a wireless charging function, allowing users to realize the convenience of free and easy charging. Compared with the previous generation product, the KK70 screen has a larger display area and more beautiful colors. The smartwatch supports blood oxygen monitoring, stress test, and daily heart rate and sleep monitoring, with multiple sports functions, supports daily reminders such as call notifications, text messages, APP information push, alarms, drinking water reminders, etc., and has a non-sleeping touch IC, double-click the off-screen clock interface to turn on, music playback control and breathing training functions, used with KKTICK it’s self-developed WearPro APP application, can intuitively view various sports, physical status and other data, and support to view professional data

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And finally: No.1 G9 comes to market

Our verdict: No.1 G9 is a brand new Android smartwatch that many people keep craving. It was rumored that it was supposed to be market in 2017. The good news is that DTNO.1 will release No.1 G9 in late may in June. Let’s talk about everything we know about this wearable so far. Display and Screen As for No.1 G9 smartwatch, No.1 still chooses a 1.3 inch TFT color touch screen, the weight is XXX. It is a combination of temperate glass screen watch body and silicone strap. When it comes to waterproof rating, No.1 G9 is water resistant to IP67. The screen resolution is 240*240 px. There are 3 vibrant color model, all black, olive green and coral red. Spec and Interface You get 3 buttons on the watch, the left one is for SIM card.2 button on the right, one for 5 pin USB charge, the other is the power button. It looks like No.1 F5 but more functional. Why it deserves so much to love? It supports SIM card and 2g network. You can make/receive phone calls. What I need to point out is the new chip MTK2503. It means that you can use No.1 G9 as an independent phone or companion device for your cellphone. And No.1 G9 supports VXP watch faces. What’s more, 8 multisport modes, walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, football, basketball and more.It includes air pressure sensor(barometer) for elevation,accelerometer,optical heart rate sensor(PPG).You can check real-time air pressure, altimeter,24/7 heart rate right from your

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No.1 DT58 review: It still packed with lots of features

Verdict: We will have another fitness tracker No.1 DT58. There are a lot of basic tracker out in the market.It is cheap, but is it good enough? Display and Screen With No.1 DT58 smartwatch, No.1 is offering a larger 1.14 inch TFT color screen, the weight is 25.6g. It isn’t going to floor you with its design.The band material is TPU. But it is comfortable,durable and slim even you are sweating during the workouts. It is an ip68 waterproof wearable,it is good news for swimmers or anyone who find it is a pain to take off in the morning shower(No hot bath).The screen resolution is 135*240.It comes with 3 models to choose from,black, white and Navy blue.The price will be about $30. Specs and Interface There is a touch key at the bottom of the screen which you can hold down to activate features,or press and go back.One of the biggest new feature is HRV(Heart rate variability)You hold it down for 30 seconds, the ECG data will be more accurate.You can now test your heart rate,blood pressure,HRV on your wrist.Things goes further within the app Hplus, such as min, max and average data.If something goes with your body,you can get to know first and ask doctor for early help.Another feature is respiratory guidance. You need to exhale and exhale for 2 mins to calm down and decrease your stress.As for clock faces,you can find various options in profile tab within app.The altimeter ,ultraviolet,air pressure and weather are pushed through interenet

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Meet No.1 smartwatch at MWC2019

More than 100,000 attendees and 2400 companies at the event. MWC(Mobile World Congress) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry,gathering mobile manufacturers ,technology providers and mass media from all over the world. MWC2019 Kicked off at Bracelona,Spain, from February 25th to February 28th. MWC2019 higlights MWC 2019 previewed some of the hottest digital trend such as new hyperfast 5G network. ZTE programmed robot to play piano and drums.5G is everywhere at MWC2019. Huawei MateX steal the show, It came with a mad folding design and 5G connectivity.The price is announced at $2000 .Sometimes you need to pay for innovation. Huawei is not the first one to put up with flexable phone. It was Royle Flex Pai. No.1 smartwatch at 2019 It was their first time to attend MWC2019. Let’s take a look about what we bought here? Hand on : No.1 DT28 N0.1 ‘s best budget smartwatch so far.  1.54 inch TFT color screen , detachable design, ip68 smartwatch,ECG detection on your wrist(Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, Heart rate) Hand on : No.1 DT58 1.14 Inch TFT screen ,heart rate variability(HRV),blood pressure,respiratory guidance.You can find more by yourself. Smartphones sales drop last year,more people are holding onto their device longer.Many people are not big fans of technology?Ofcourse, not. We embrace progress and innovation.Fortune favors the bold. A lot can change in a year,they are making great comeback at 2019.

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NO.1 DT28 preview: Make the best of a budget watch

Update:No.1 released a brand new smart watch in late February ,called No.1 DT28. DT will be a new series?And their new website goes alive: .What can we expect from their beginning of 2019? Display No.1 DT28 is available for $26.99 on GB: No.1 DT28 smart watch is 59g with 1.54 inch TFT colorful screen .The resolution is at 240*240.It is relatively light and durable.The detachable design is simple to change strap,universal 22mm strap for all kinds of occasions and your style.You can choose stainless steel strap for business look,silicone strap for sporty look. No.1 DT28 equips with plastic body and Zinc Alloy metal bezel to polish the look.You get 2 buttons on the right side of the watch.With the one at 2 o’clock position for start and go back to main menu,the one at 4 O’clock, you can go back to the previous page. Specs and Interface What comes first is that NO.1 DT28’s new app Dtno1 .First, open the bluetooth on your phone, bind the device by right device ID with app Dtno1. Then open the privacy and share your location with app, you can check weather,UV and altimeter on watch.And there is at least one frill ,ECG Tracker.What you need to do is wearing the watch, touch ECG icon, it shows that hold it down.Therefore, you hold it down for 30 seconds, it shows your ECG data.As for blood pressure,blood oxygen and heart rate monitor, you need to touch the icon and wait 20 seconds ,

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Best Smart Watch of 2018 by far

Smart watch is the ultimate accessory. It can not only tell the time ,get notification from your smart phones, but also apply apps to make good use of your fit time. 1) Apple Watch 3 The first smart watch that draw my attention was Apple watch series. The upcoming September will update its version. Attractive design and comfortable fit. It supports many third-party apps and wireless charging,runs faster processor and the latest Watch OS 4.What ‘s more, it connects really well with 40 million songs on the wrist.The screen is vivid and bright,the design is identical, availble for 2 sizes, 38mm and 42mm. It lasts for a day and resists water. But it is a little bit of a luxury item considering to its price. And it become lessfunctional without connect to iphones. 2)Fitbit Versa   Fitbit is a brand that makes a difference in fitness tracker field. Its sleek design and accurate tracking are highly recommended. There are also guided workouts with fitbit coach. It gets along with Android and Ios phones.It’s water resistant to 50 meters. The normal use time is longer than Apple watch.Many of the apps and watch faces are fun and useful .But swapping the strap is not easy .And it does not have GPS for tracking your fitting as some other brands make GPS as its priority. Music transfer to the watch is limited and complicated. 3)Amazfit Bip First, it lasts for 30 days with one full time charge, more likely to a fitness

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Watchfaceup March Contest

Sorry for the delay! Last week, we received a warning from Rolex. Here I want to clarify that we just want to provide a place for watchfaces fans. All these watchfaces are free, and thanks for all the creators’ hard working, now we have 1584 VXP watchfaces and 625 Android watchfaces. This month, we’ll provide a F6 as the VXP winner’s prize and a S9 for the Android category. Recently we found some weird downloads, because of the limitation of the watchfaceup site, we can’t directly check the IP of the users, so here we came up with an idea, we’ll create a poll for the creators whose watchfaces have over 600 downloads and all the G+ members can join in to vote. Here is the details! The creators whose watchface have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, G+ members will vote for the winner, the poll will last 4 days, the winner will win a Free S9 as the prize. The creators whose watchface have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, G+ members will vote for the winner, the poll will last 4 days, the winner will win a Free F6 as the prize. The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code,  the one who uploads more than 10 watchfaces and at least one of them got 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 KKtick official online store. (There will be five coupons at most) Note: You’d

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NO.1 D9, which specs you need.

Hello everyone, we are going to launch NO.1 D9, a square Android smartwatch, the first Android watch which supports removable metal straps, metal straps, solid frame. Now there are two options for you to choose.   Version 1 : 512MB RAM + 8GB ROM Version 2 : 1GB RAM +16GB ROM ($10 more than version 1) Version 1 is about $10 cheaper than version 2, please tell me which one you like, the larger storage one or the cheaper one.  and you can leave comment about why you make the choose in this page, we will read all comment and feedback to our products. Thanks. [poll id=”2″]   Thank you for joining this poll and your support for NO.1 Smartwatch.

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How to install drivers manually?

As you know if you don’t install the drivers correctly, your watch will not be detected by the computer, let alone flash the firmware. I just read something about how to install the drivers manually. Download the android_cdc_driver. SP_tool is best compatible with Android_cdc_driver, if you want to use the SP_tool correctly then you should download it and install in on your computer. Download the Android_vcom_driver. If the Android_cdc_driver doesn’t work for you. You can try Android_vcom_driver, this driver also supports all Mediatek devices. How to install the android_cdc_driver manually? First, extract the file on your desktop. Second, go to Device Manager, click the Administrator/user name, click the Action button, select the second option Add legacy hardware. Then a ‘Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard’ window shows up, click next . Third, in the ‘The wizard can help you install other hardware’ window select the second option install the hardware that I manually select fr om a list(Advanced) then in the select the type of hardware window, you don’t need to select anything, just click next. Fourth, Select the device driver, click have disk. Then browse your computer, go to desktop, select the .inf file you just extracted.(You need to figure out your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, before you choose the .inf file) Click OK , then click next. Sixth, while installing the drivers, a windows security warning may show up, just install this driver software anyway. Click Finish. Check the Ports, if you install this driver successfully, you can see it in the Ports section. You

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NO.1 smart watch another wave of activities struck!

Recently, NO.1 company release smartwatch as soon as possible. About previous smart watch, naturally is not slack. And in case of the No.1 company the first product for the year is smartwatch No.1 S9 coming with a new sporty design and should offer both good looks and comfortable usage. Also it’s our first smartwatch product to feature NFC and will also have a heartrate monitor of the second generation.  The first NFC Name card smart watch NO.1 S9 have preferential price in Aliexpress. In this case, how can there be no smart bracelet? An heart rate monitor was integrated as a special feature. In addition, it is waterproof and reaches with a 230mAh rechargeable battery. With a fully charged battery operating times are up to one hundred days in standby mode. The 0.91″ OLED display clearly shows all important communication and fitness data. The heart rate monitor is attached to the underside and determines the pulse permanently. NO.1 reached with the F1, the IP68 certification, which means in the details that no dust can penetrate and it is waterproof up to 50m water depth. It have blasting price at $17.99 in Gearbest. More discounts are on both online shop. Such as NO.1 G6, F2, G3+, D5+ and so on. Don’t miss it! ———————————————————————————————————————————— Website: Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: VK: Google+:

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