What’s new with NO.1 D7

What’s new with D7? NO.1 what progress has made in this new model?

D7 is MT6572, dual core Android 4.4 smartwatch.

Dual core? Why NO.1 don’t upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for NO.1 to make a quad core Android smartwatch?No, absolutely not.



NO.1 did some research in the well-known brand, such as Apple watch, Samsung Gear wear, etc. We bought several watches for testing and we have found that both of these two brand use dual core in their products. Dual core means low working frequency and power-saving. It avoids the SoC overheating and unnecessary battery life draining. That’s why Gear S3 can use two days or more. D7 is dual core, it is supposed to have five days standby time. Twice times longer than D5+ standby time. You don’t need to charge it everyday.

D7 uses a 316L steel frame with unique Oyster type triangle pits, which is the first attempt of Android watch.

D5-D7 D6-D7


As any other Android watches, D7 supports Google maps, but D7 has built-in compass, with the compass and altitude, GPS navigation will be more accurate.



What’s more, the Tracker feature can record the steps, equals, distances. D7 supports sports activities synchronization, you can share your daily activities with your friends. You can also use the second-generation heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.


D7 has a big storage 1G RAM and 8G ROM. It supports variety of apps and of course watch face. And anything special in D7?


Yeah, D7 supports remote control. You can control your music/camera if you have a Bluetooth connectivity. Remote music control so far can only work with Android devices.


What’s more, have you ever been tired of the awful alert in Watch Helper while your Bluetooth connectivity interrupts? We have found another companion app for D7. Funfit.

Funfit four important upgrades. Convenient way to connect it to your phone. Swipe from top and you’ll get this QR-code, enable Bluetooth on both of the devices. Open Funfit, click the Helper, Connected watch and then click the Scan it. Scan the QR-code and then they’ll pair up automatically.


Wifi assistant, are you tired of searching your wifi name in the small screen or inputting the password? Now you have a option to connect the wifi via your phone. Go to Helper WIFI, and then you’ll have a list of the wifi address. Click the wifi name, and enter the password, click send button. The watch will connect to wifi automatically.

Wifip Wifi

D7watchPush watch face, we know the bad connectivity over the ocean, so we deleted the add watch face button.

Now you can go to the Funfit app check the list of the popular watch face, then download it.

The watch face will install to your D7 automatically.


Assist Input, typing on the small screen is really a challenge for us. You may have tried many methods, using a pen, a keyboard,etc. You won’t be struggling with it anymore. The Assist Input will help you in typing, whatever you want to type, you just need click on the input field, open the Funfit Assist, type the words on your phone’s input field then click the send button. All you just typed words will send to your watch.

Input input inputc

Now that, you know all these useful updates, one more thing you may be interested in is how much is it. $200? $150? $100?  Nope, D7 will be cheaper than the D5! The most cost effective watch,it costs about $83. You should not miss this nice watch.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, I’m willing to help you.

D7 official website: https://www.chinawatchs.com/product-no-1-d7-android-smartwatch-132.html

And this short video review :


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